About Us

Dobby's not a senior yet, but she sure is cute!
Dobby’s not a senior yet, but she sure is cute!

Thank you for visiting senior-cats.com! My name’s Shannon, I’m a life-long crazy cat lady with a soft-spot for senior cats. While my current cat, Dobby, is still a young cat, in the past I’ve had a lot of wonderful senior cats in my life, including Boots who lived to almost 20!

Whether your current furry friend is getting older, or you’ve decided to take in an older cat, I hope this site can provide you with plenty of information on how to take care of your senior feline.

Some topics of information include:

  • Common medical questions senior cats present
  • General pieces of interest on great senior cats and their humans
  • Toys, food and products that can help you senior cat
  • How to treat a variety of issues older cats face
  • Lots and lots of pictures of adorable old cats!

If you have any questions or want to talk to us about story ideas, advertising or product reviews, please contact us today.

Thanks again for visiting and enjoy your stay!